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Exercise Bikes & Cycle-Benefits of High Intensity Based Training Workout

Highly intensity based training has become a huge trend in the fitness world over the last few years, and rightfully.IBT based training allows you to burn more calories in less time and it can be applied to virtually any workout exercise, including exercise bike & cycle workout. Here I have mentions few Benefits of Interval Training with an Exercise Bike & cycles .

Continuous aerobic exercise & training, high intensity interval training allows your body to continue burning calories even after you’re done working out. This is because intensity interval training raises your metabolic rate more so than an average workout would, resulting in a more calories burn.


There are so many ways you can excitement up a consistently paced cardio session to make it more exciting. IBT (intensity based training) training takes nearly half the time as compared to steady-paced exercise and it also keeps your mind active while doing it.

Athletes Weight lifter have been practicing high intensity-based training for years and with good reason. HIBT(high intensity based training) training not only allows you to track faster and more effectively, but it also raise your stamina. An improving blood pressure level from this form of training will charge both your body and brain, resulting in a healthy potential level that will carry to your daily life .

HIBT training is a faster substitute for reduce weight and building muscles because it challenges your anaerobic energy system, resulting in higher levels of muscular power and burned more calories.

Any type of exercise will better your health, but it’s hard to compared the revive health rewards of HIBT training. Its improved cardiovascular health, a longer life span and a minimized risk of cholesterol and its also helps to increases the workability of your arteries and veins, involving your vessels in each workout.

So if you feel to taking your workouts plan to the next level in order to get optimal results, we strongly recommend HIBT cardio regimen into your daily workout routine. With top notch,affordable exercise bikes like the ones offered at Amazon.in