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What features You should Look for in a Treadmill Before Buying ?

Now a days different types of treadmill brands available online at various E-commerce portals like Amazon, Flip-kart, Snap-deal, shop-clue etc. so you should know the features you need to check out before purchasing one.

1. Motor

It is the most important parts is the motor. It gives the speed of the belt and the efficiency.
When you have to compare the capacity of the motors of 2 and more treadmill brands , always focus on the CC instead of the MC(maximum capacity). The maximum capacity is usually much higher but lasts for a shorter time than the constant capacity.Typically, the higher horsepower the motor has, the greater capacity it can work in the long run with continuous loading.
Here I personally suggest that you should buy a home treadmill that comes with at least 2 year (or more) motor warranty.

2. Inclination Angle

As we know that, treadmills come with an adjustable running area to increase the resistance. With the help of this function, you can have a feeling as if you were running or walking up a hill.
While the professional motorized treadmills can be set with a push of a button without stopping your workout. And they support up to 15{67a04e4dbe997e48c7b3043b54bbfd5d131280cfcf7ccc0165ee7bcb413eddf5} inclination angle.



3. The Size of The Belt

The size of the running area differs from models to models. Frequently, the home treadmills come with 44 – 61 inches (110 – 155 cm) long and 14 – 18 inches (35-45 cm) belt.
On the other hand, reality that the larger the running area, the less concentration it needs to use.
Walking: running Area (110 × 35 cm)
Jogging: running Area (120 × 40 cm)
Running: running Area (125 × 45 cm)
For extra comfort: running Area (140 × 51 cm or more)

4.Monitor Display

There is a wide range of displays the treadmills come with. They can be LCD or LED, which is brighter, so it is easier to read.
From the display you will know your speed, distance, angle of the board, burned calories, time and many others.

5. Speed

Treadmill Speed is another important factor before buying a treadmill. Different models come with various maximum speed. Treadmills support 0-10 mph (0-16 km/h).

6. Heart Rate Monitor

Another useful feature of the modern home treadmills is the heart rate monitor. With the help of feature, you can do workouts based on your heart rate. This function is beneficial for those who want to work out safely or want to adjust their training to their fitness aims like weight loss or developing endurance.

7. Shock Absorption

Fortunately, most of the products come with shock absorption that is built inside or outside of the belt. It can be sprung or solid gum.
The task of this feature is to absorb the stress that happens in knees and other joints during running. If you suffer from spine, knee or back problems or if you are overweight it is strongly recommended to use a running machine that comes with quality shock absorption.

8. Maintaining

Maintenance is another key factor before buying home treadmill. No matter how expensive machine you buy, if you do not check it regularly, sooner or later the problems will come. The most important task is to use special treadmill lubricant depending on how often you use.