Best Amazing Abs Workout Daily Routine for Men & Women

In the faster-is-better world we live in, carving out 30 to 45 minutes a day for a good workout can seem like a major challenge—and that can totally mess with your quest for a strong core. The Amazing Abs Workout is to do squeeze your abs as you contract your core. Doing this allows your body to work your abs.

The Amazing Abs Workout Routine includes:

Plank Runners (20 reps)
Burpees (20 reps)
Double Crunches (20 reps)
Hip Raises (30-40 reps)
In & Out Hopping Planks (20 reps)
Single Leg Raises (20 reps)
Legs Raises (30 reps)
Rotating Planks (20 reps)
Tricep Press Plank (20 reps)
V Planks (20 reps)
Pull Ups (20 reps)

Single Leg Raises

Lift one leg into the air, hold for a second, then come back down. Make sure your back is straight. Keep your butt, legs and core tight. Rest a few seconds in between exercises. 20 reps.

Rotating Planks

Rotating Planks are where you sit on your elbows in plank position. Then, rotate from one side to the other. Squeeze your abs in to get the most out of this amazing abs workout. 2o reps.

Plank Runners

From plank position, slowly bring your legs up and to the side. This differs from Mountain Climbers, where you would bring your legs into your abs. You’re likely to feel this exercise in your arms and abs. 20 reps.

In & Out Hopping Planks

From forearm plank position, Hop In & Out with your feet. Although you might be tempted to go fast, make sure to squeeze your abs in, and make controlled movements. 20 reps.

V Planks

From pushup position, do down and press up. When you press up, arch your back into a V, hence the name V planks. Then, press down into plank position. Repeat for 20 reps.

Tricep Press Planks

Start in forearm plank position. Then, pop up onto your palms, lifting your elbows. Drop your elbows back down, and repeat. It’s okay if you have to take a break, as press planks are tough at first. 20 reps.


Go down, jump back, pop back up. Burpees are mainly abs work, so they’re a great exercise for amazing abs. Hop up. Then, go back down. 20 reps.

Hip Raises

Hip Raises allow you to go all out on your lower abs. Squeeze your glutes and abs in, and then raise your legs to the sky. Drive your legs and hips by concentrating on driving your heels up as high as you can. 30-40 reps.

Pull Ups

Ab workouts are very demanding, one such is ”pull ups”. It not only gives a definition to your body but also allows it gather strength. Pull ups are very difficult to do as it requires pulling up your body with the arms on your own with head reaching to the hands and then coming back to the position. 20 reps.

Leg Raises

Squeeze your abs every rep. Don’t go so low that you use your back. Only use your abs. Do 30 reps.

Double Crunches

An another popular exercise i picked from the my exercise routine. A basic crunch challenges your upper abs, but by adding equal and opposite movement with your legs in this movement, you challenge all of your abs—even the deepest abdominal muscles.
How-to do:
-Sitting on the curb, reach your legs out and lean your torso back. Engage your core to stabilize.
-Bring your knees in and torso forward, nearly touching your knees and chest.
-Repeat for one minute.  2o reps.

Why We Do Amazing Abs Workout ?

The key to the Amazing Abs Workout is to do squeeze your abs as you contract your core. Doing this allows your body to work your abs. If you’re a beginner, you don’t have to do as many reps. Focus on form, breathing properly, and squeezing your abs. Do this workout 5 times a week for great results. And remember, that the key to sexy abs is not only exercise, but also a clean diet.