Weighing scales are commonly used everywhere to measure the weight of any item. Earlier people used to weigh the items by using stones. They place stones on one side and the item on other side and calculate the weight in number of stones. Weighing machines have several uses. It is used all over the world for many purposes. In many places like shops, industries, airport, jewelry, courier office, and scientific laboratories use these weighing machines.

Some of the important uses :

HEALTH & Wellness

Weighing scales are used to measure the weight of the body. It helps you to maintain a good diet and will keep you healthy.

Weighing machines can help you to deduct whether you are overweight or underweight. The BMI can also be calculated by this weighing scale.

Hence the weighing scales are very much useful in tracking your health. Check your weight daily so that you can able to maintain the diet.

If you try to lose weight, then measuring your weight will be the perfect choice. Measuring your weight daily will motivate you to do exercise regularly. It also will help you to maintain a good diet and stay healthy.

Chemical and Scientific Laboratories

The chemical and scientific laboratories use the weighing machines to measure the solutions. To make a concentrated solution you have to weigh the water and the solution in grams.

Only then the result of the solution will be perfect. Weighing machines will help you to get the equation for the solution. The labs use the machines for the accurate measurement of the solution.

The weighing machine is used for many purposes. The digital weighing scales are now used everywhere instead of the previous analog ones.

How to Use a Digital Weight Scale

Step 1 – Switch On Your Weight Digital Scale
Bring out your weight digital scales and make sure your place them on a flat, level surface in order to obtain accurate readings as much as possible. Switch it on and press the “On/Tare/Off” key. The ‘Tare’ function is specifically designed to deduct the weight of your bowl when in use and will produce accurate weight readings for just the ingredients, eliminating the bowl’s weight.

Step 2 – Choose Your Measurement Preference
Depending on your reading preference, press the ‘oz / g’ button to set the unit of measurement in the case of kitchen scales or ‘pound / kg’ for the bathroom digital scale. This will determine whether the reading will be displayed in the U.S. customary units or not.

Step 3 – Wait for the Reading
At this point, you are ready to measure your ingredients. Place the ingredients you want to measure on the platform or bowl and wait for the display weight reading. For accurate readings, make sure not to have any of the ingredients on just one edge of the scale, threatening to topple over or to take the reading immediately after placing the ingredients on your scale. You should allow a few seconds for the digital scale to produce the accurate reading.

Step 3 – Calibration
From time to time, you may find the need to calibrate your digital weight scale. There is no need to do this often, since all digital weight scales are accurately calibrated once they are dispatched from the manufacturer, but by frequent usage or if exposed to rough handling, you may need to calibrate your digital scale.

Find the calibration button and press and hold it until the display changes to “000”. Continue holding the button until the scales goes into calibration mode, which is indicated when the screen will read “CAL”, followed immediately by a number.

Step 4 – Calibration Weights
Place the calibration weight onto the scales and allow the weight to rest on the scales for about 5 seconds.

Step 5 – Press The Calibration Button
Press and hold the calibration button and your screen will change to “CAL” or “END”

Step 6 – Restart Your Digital Weight Scale
Most modern digital scales will automatically reset and restart after calibration has been completed, but if this is not the case in your digital weight scale just turn your scales off, let it rest for about 30 seconds and turn it back on.

Always handle your digital weight scale with care and make it a point to use it accordingly without overloading it with extreme weights, in order to guarantee its functionality and accuracy.

Best Weighing scale Brands In India

There are digital weight scales for every use, ranging from the bathroom scales to record your weight fluctuations, to scales for weighing food, jewelry, floors, babies and birds, but they all have one thing in common: they are precision machines which give accurate readings you can rely on. Here I share top Weighing scale based on accuracy, Result and customer satisfaction.

1: Health Sense Digital Weighing scale

Health Sense is a company that has been in existence for quite a while, and it has been excellent in helping people take care of themselves.

We live in a world where everyone is trying to improve their health and lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and watching their weight.

Health Sense makes it easier by providing products that enhance comfort and help in tracking weight changes. They include backrest cushions, massagers, personal weighing scales, and pedometers.

2: Generic Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

Healthy diet is an essential part of everyday life, do you want to join the ranks of healthy eating or do you worry about how to choose a digital kitchen scale, please pay attention to digital kitchen scales, it will be your best choice.This is a professional scale designed for kitchen, mail room or even your workshop.It has a large round stainless steel washable tray for routine cleaning.It ensures accurate weighing even in high humidity areas as its splash proof design. it is easy to use and perfect for all kitchens.

3: Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale

This weighing scale measures very precise weight the precision of weight measurement display is closest to 100 grams.It has tempered glass fitted on the display for the safety purpose.The 18mm thickness makes it very slim in looks.It has large display of the size of 73 X 38 cm.The base feet of the weighing scale is non-slip.

4: Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-Digital EQ-EB-6171L

Equinox’s weighing scales are the best tool to monitor and measure your weight. Equinox EQ-EB-9300 is a slim and sleek glass weighing scale which gives accurate measurement every time you take a reading. It is a very user friendly scale with auto-step-on technology to give quick results. The large LCD reflects the readings clearly and boldly and the maximum load this scale can carry is 150 kilograms.

Please note :
Do not forget to place the weighing scale on a flat surface to measure accurate weight
It is advised to check your weight everyday at the same time
It is advised not to use the weighing scale right after workout or after any strenuous task

5: Healthgenie HD-221 Digital Weighing Scale Never Quit (Black)
Healthgenie digital weighing scale is an easy to use economical bathroom weighing scale. It is beautifully designed with tempered glass and an inspirational quote printed on its platform which inspires users to work out and maintain their weight. Digital scale has a platform size of 30 x 30 x 2. 5 Cm which provides a perfect foot space for users. It also comes with button battery. It has a lcd display of size 7 x 2. 7 Cm which helps the users to see their results clearly. Durable weighing scale is made up of low profile tempered glass platform having the thickness of 7mm and its glass platform is designed perfectly having black colored glass with silver colored printed quote which makes it look much attractive.

Hoffen Digital Elecronic LCD Personal Weighing Scale

The digital body fitness weighing scale by Hoffen has been designed with high precision sensors that displays the exact weight placed upon it. It boasts a strong bearing platform that has been crafted from strengthened tempered glass. It comes with a slim design that allows easy storage of the weighing scale when not in use. Now keep a track of your weight gain or loss with this high precision digital body fitness weighing scale.

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