Where To Buy A Best Home & Commercial Treadmill

Where to buy a treadmill depends on whether you’re looking for a safe buy that may cost a little bit more or whether you’re prepared to take a risk and spend less. Within seconds you can search the internet and find hundreds of websites selling treadmills.

However, before you buy Treadmill from the company with the cheapest price you’ll need to consider the bigger picture.

If the model for sale is only available from just one or two suppliers in the India it may be an older refurbished one that’s reached the end of its shelf life. It may still be a good machine and offer good value for money but please check the warranty!

If it’s for just ONE YEAR call them and find exactly what is covered. If something goes wrong with your treadmill you may only get telephone assistance. An engineer will ask you questions and then send a part in the post and expect you to install it. This obviously isn’t an acceptable solution. Find out if you get parts, labour and on-site help.

If you find a supplier offering a popular treadmill brand much cheaper than anyone else they may not be an authorised dealer for that brand in the India. This isn’t illegal and you’ll still get exactly the same machine but they won’t be able to offer the full warranty.

The majority of the machines we review here come with a minimum of a THREE YEAR warranty with on-site support, if you see one with just a ONE YEAR warranty you could be taking a risk. Yes, you may get an initial bargain but it could be costly if it develops a fault after a year.

Also check the delivery arrangements. Many manufacturer’s will only honour the warranty if the treadmill is delivered by a two-man team or one man with specialist lifting equipment. Many retailers who have cheaper prices than the rest can do so because they save money using below standard delivery methods. More about best treadmill brands

Treadmills are bulky and heavy, if it’s damaged in transit you could find yourself in a difficult situation. The manufacturer will claim the warranty is invalid if the correct delivery procedures were not followed. The retailer’s insurance could refuse to pay for the same reason and you’re left arguing the finer points with the retailer. Meanwhile you have a damaged treadmill taking up space in your house!

All the Website or Treadmill manufactures we mention on this post are authorised Treadmill manufactures for the models they sell and can therefore offer the full manufacturers warranty.

PowerMax : PowerMax we are passionate about exercise and wellness. Fitness is of the utmost importance in this day and age. More and more of us lead more sedentary, office based lives as computers dominate many professions. Our goal at PowerMax is to Spread fitness awareness and get you fitter by making it as easy and as fun as possible for a longer, healthier, happier life……

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Kobo : KOBO is a manufacturer and retailer of high quality, professional fitness and sports equipment. Company having experience of more than 50 years in fitness and sports goods equipment. We have a passion for both the Fitness and Sports industries and are committed to excellence, with each individual product passing through our rigorous quality control system, from larger items such as our Treadmills right down to our Gym Gloves. Supplied to gyms, personal trainers, amateur and professional boxers and fighters. We have fast become known as for our superior quality products, as well as our exacting standards of customer care.

Lifeline Fitness : Lifeline Fitness – one of the leading names among the ATS manufacturers, we are one of the most trusted exporters and suppliers of fitness equipments too. Our objective – offering world class gym and fitness equipments at affordable and competitive pricing! As a leading Fitness equipment manufacturers Chandigarh, we are always in talks with leading industry experts to get their suggestions and view points and introduce innovative and tech savvy gym and fitness equipments.

You can also buy a best treadmill Online at Amazon , Flipkar, Paytm Mall and Snapdeal etc.