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Newnik V108 Vaporizer / Steamer

Unique feature: A pure form of vapor, power indicator, two level heating control (off/low/high), steam controller, exhale outlet, auto power off, specially designed nasal mask for nose & mouth
No sprinkling of water, best for kids & adult
Quick, accurate and easy to use – vaporizer is an ideal treatment prescribed as steam therapy for health and beauty
The warm, moist steam relieves persistent cold and cough
It also open up pores for deep skin cleansing and frees it from germs & impurities

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Healthgenie 3 In 1 Steam Sauna Vaporizer Superior (Blue)

Capacity- 1200ml, Design- Steam Sauna vaporizer is designed in a unique way, made by plastic body, which has to be shock free and light. The attachments are provided with smooth edge for the nasal and facial purpose
Attachments- Vaporizer has 3 attachments all in, consisting of Nasal steamer, Vaporizer and Facial sauna. In nasal steamer you can add inhalant for cold relief and congestion
Relieve Cold- Nasal steamer is provided to promote relief from cold, throat infection and congestion problems
You can add inhalants to the vaporizers like Vicks and other medicines
Enhance Beauty- Facial Sauna can be used for beauty purpose. You can use the sauna during facial, massaging and at the time of clean up

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Generic Go Clean 3 In 1 Facial Sauna Vaporizer -(White,Blue)

Skin Care Solution: Let’S Help You To Know Your Skin Type & Possible Natural Treatments: 1- Dry/Sensitive Skin 2- Acne/Pimple Skin 3- Mature/Tanned Skin 4- Oily Skin 5- Normal / Natural Skin
Facial Helps To Make Your Skin Anti-Aging,Skin-Clarifying,Skin-Exfoliating,Skin-Hydrating-And-Moisturizing,Skin-Purifying
Vaporizer Are Very Helpful On Virus Caused Your Cold, You May Also Have: Cough, Decreased Appetite, Headache, Muscle Aches, Postnasal Drip, Sore Throat

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MCP Naulakha Vaprizer all in One Facial Sauna, Steamer

rejuvenate skin
gives relief from blocked nose and headache
portable and easy to clean
intense cleaning for glowing skin
soften beard for smooth and clean shave

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Nevve Np-103 Steam Vaporizer And Facial Steamer/Machine

QUICK, ACCURATE AND EASY TO USE – VAPORIZER is an ideal treatment prescribed as steam therapy for health and beauty. The warm, moist steam relieves persistent cold and cough. It also open up pores for deep skin cleansing and frees it from germs & impurities.
HEALTHCARE BENEFITS: Warm, moist steam relieves persistent cold & cough. Open clogged nasal & sinus passages to ease congestion. Relief from Bronchitis, helps clear out mucus. Helps in parched throat & chest congestion to breathe more comfortably & naturally.

BEAUTYCARE BENEFITS: Open pores for deep skin cleansing & free it from impurities. Gentle steam mist helps rejuvenate skin giving young glowing complexion. Warm steam helps to clean face skin & cure acne, pimples. Keeps your skin radiant & feels soft & smooth.

UNIQUE FEATURE: A pure form of Vapor, Power Indicator, Two Level Heating Control (Off/Low/High), Steam Controller, Exhale Outlet, Auto Power Off, Specially designed nasal mask for nose & mouth. No sprinkling of water. Best for kids & adults
PRODUCT PERFORMANCE : PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS; 220-240V 50/60Hz 100W, Power Indicator and give the 6 months Warranty of Main Unit

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MCP Facial Sauna, Vaporiser and Nose Steamer 3 in 1 Steam Inhaler

The product is made of plastic and will have smell during initial usage. Please wash the vapourizer with lukewarm water twice before first use to avoid such odour.|Brand MCP: Global Medical Shop is Authorised Seller
Special attachments for quick relief from common cold, cough & throat irritation and soft glowing beautiful skin
Large facial attachment with smooth edges for facial sauna.
Smooth edges of nose & mouth attachment for general steam inhalation
Specially designed attachment for focused steam useful for kids and elderly, Auto low water cut off.

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Vaporizer 3 In 1 Facial Nose Steamer , Vaporizer And Inhaler

Large Facial Attachment With Smooth Edges For Facial Sauna
Smooth Edges Of Nose & Mouth Attachment For General Steam Inhalation
Specially Designed Attachment For Focused Steam Useful For Kids And Elderly, Auto Low Water Cut Off.

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Vaporizer Steamer – JSB 3 in 1 (extra large can)

Use TAP WATER ONLY (NO RO WATER or FILTER WATER) with this Vaporizer Facial Steamer for Face and Nose Steam
Effective Relief in Asthma & Nose/Throat Irritation ; Every Day Beauty Device.
Steam Inhaler for Cold Applications : For Treatment of Common Cold, Bronchitis, Sinusitis and Hay Fever.
100% virgin plastic used ; With Extra Large Can for longer usage ; Fast Steam within Seconds; ; With Special Accessories for Nose, Face and Room
1 Year JSB National Warranty ;